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Collection name: Peter Handford Archive; Subjects: Mechanical Sounds; Drama & Literature: The archives of Peter Handford (1919-2007), location sound recordist. The collection contains master tapes of sound recordings taken on the railway from the 1950s to the 1970s, commercially issued LPs, singles, cassettes and CDs of those recordings on his own Transacord label, some sound recordings from his film work, supporting notebooks and other documents relating to Handford's career in the film industry and in making and marketing railway sound recordings, and a tape recorder and mixing desk used by Handford for railway recordings; items: Lacquer Disc,60 Vinyl Disc, 1500 Open Reel Tape, 30 Compact Cassette, 50 published CD, 50 Audio CD-R. Collection name: NRM Aural Archive; Subjects: Oral History: Interviews with senior NRM managers, and NRM curators interviewing senior rail engineers in the first 10 years of the NRM, 1975-1985; items: 15 Open Reel Tape. Collection name: Alan Hammond Collection; Subjects: Oral History: Interviews with workers on the former Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway line, recorded between about 1990 and 1999. Compiled by Alan Hammond, member of the Somerset & Dorset Railway Trust; items: 92 Compact Cassette. Collection name: National Archive of Railway Oral History; Subjects: Oral History: Over 500 interviews with former and current railway workers carried out between 2000 and 2003 to represent the railway industry from the 1940s to the early 2000s. Employees interviewed range from senior managers and union officials through locomotive and train crew through to station and depot staff. The archive endeavours to represent the considerable changes in the rail industry; items: 600 Compact Cassette, 503 MiniDisc. Collection name: Advertising, promotional and training Collection; Subjects: Advertising; Training: Various advertising, promotional and training cassette recordings produced by British Rail, including a series of plays based on classic TV comedies to advertise Red Star Parcels, on-train announcement training, etc; items: 30 Compact Cassette,


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