AGM 2012

Minutes of British & Irish Sound Archives (BISA) Annual General Meeting held on 18 May 2012, at the Norfolk Record Office, The Archive Centre, Martineau Lane, Norwich, Norfolk

1.  To Receive the Minutes of the Previous Annual General Meeting held on 20 May 2011 at BBC Scotland, Pacific Quay, Glasgow

The minutes of the meeting held on 20 May 2011 were accepted with one amendment, namely that the balance of BISA’s bank account should have been given as £2,938.42 and not £2,958.32. Simon Rooks (SR) duly signed the minutes.

2.  Committee Members’ Reports


Simon Rooks (SR) thanked Dr Alban, the County Archivist, and the Norfolk Record Office for hosting BISA’s annual training event. SR also thanked all the speakers at this year’s event. SR suggested that membership was healthy. SR commented on the drama of the BISA website being hacked and thanked Richard Ranft (RR) for his hard work in hosting BISA’s website on IASA’s website. For the year ahead, SR asked that the directory becomes the priority.


Prior to the event in Norwich, BISA had 77 members made up of 37 full institutional members, 25 full individual members, 12 associate individual members and three associate institutional members.


DP stated that there was £3,148.42 in BISA’s bank account prior to this year’s annual event.


RR had nothing to add to previous comments except to say it was a pleasure to become BISA’s webmaster.


Will Prentice (WP) reported that there were 144 members of BISA’s JISCmail discussion list.


3.  BISA Directory

SR suggested that BISA needs to retain editorial control on the directory and that it should not be the place for detailed descriptions of holdings. He also suggested that there should be an element of public access, i.e. the directory should not just be for members.


4.  Development of Website Content

It was acknowledged that it is now easier for content to be added to the website. Suggestions for content included blogs, past papers and perhaps a toolkit to act as a pointer to existing resources on the Internet.


5.  Any Other Items of Business

There were no other items of business.


6.  Date and Time of Next BISA Conference

The next BISA meeting will be hosted by the Manx Museum in Douglas, Isle of Man on 17 and 18 May 2013.

The meeting ended at 12:30.