BISA 2017 - Lunch options

Lunch options near the National Library of Scotland (George IV Bridge)

George IV Bridge

National Library of Scotland Café (counter service, sit in or take away)
Brunch (table service, sit-in)
Global Deli (counter service, take away)
Elephant House (counter service, sit in)

Chamber Street (off George IV Bridge to east)

National Museum of Scotland Balcony Café – Level 3 (counter service, sit in)

Forrest Road (south west of George IV Bridge when it splits)

Union of Genius Soup Café (counter service, take away)
Thomas J Walls (table service, sit-in)
Bar Burrito (counter service, take away or sit in)

High Street (part of Royal Mile, turn right if approaching from Library)

St Giles Cathedral Café (counter service, sit in)

Lawnmarket (part of Royal Mile, turn left if approaching from Library)

Deacon House Café (counter service, sit in)

Bank Street (north of George IV Bridge)

Zebra (counter service, sit in or take away)
Café on the Mound (counter service, sit in or take away)