BISA Expenses Policy

  1. BISA reimburses members, committee members and guests for costs incurred by those engaged on BISA business or speaking by invitation of the Committee.

    Where there are two or more speakers for one presentation, BISA reserves the right to limit the number speakers to be reimbursed.

    BISA will not reimburse expenses relating to social events or for travel by spouses or partners.

    Travel expenses are usually agreed for travel only within the BISA geographical area; that is Britain and Ireland. Other claims will be at the discretion of the Committee.

  2. Claimants must confirm beforehand with a BISA Committee member that they will be eligible to claim and confirm what categories will be claimed for (transport, overnight accommodation, etc). Failure to do so may result in a claim being declined.
  3. Claims must be made using the BISA claim form which can be provided on request.
  4. Payments can be made either in Euros or GBP as requested
  5. Tickets and receipts for items claimed should be attached to the form
  6. All rail and coach travel claimed for must be standard class and booked as far in advance as possible to maximise savings.
  7. Taxis should be used for short journeys only (e.g. station to venue) and only where public transport is not available or convenient.
  8. Air travel claims must be for economy fares and the use of low-cost airlines is strongly encouraged.
  9. Car travel is reimbursed on a mileage basis
    Car                                £0.40/€0.48 per mile
    Motorcycle                     £0.24/€0.29 per mile
  10. Overnight Accommodation is subject to maximum rates and for a BISA annual event, a maximum of two nights.
    Room and Breakfast (out of London)     £90/€108 per room per night
    Room and Breakfast (London)        £100/€120 per room per night
  11. Meal costs will not normally be reimbursed by BISA. Where lunch is not provided at a BISA event, invited guests/speakers may claim for lunch to a maximum of £6/€7
  12. BISA may decline to pay in full or part any expenses which fall outside this policy

BISA Committee (March 2011; Revised November 2013)