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Collection name: Furness Mystery Plays 1988; Subjects: Drama: Audio tape of music composed and played by Stephanie Sobey-Jones for the Mystery Play performed at Furness Abbey in 1988. Jesus was played by Peter Duncan and the rest of the cast were local people. A video of the production; items: video Collection name: Official Programmes; Subjects: Drama: Cassette recording of the Furness Mystery Play 1988; items: 1 Compact Cassette Collection name: Furness Collection; Subjects: Oral history: Oral history relating to a project on the history of tea dancing in Barrow-in-Furness; items: 18 Compact Cassette Collection name: Thomas Park Benson, Priory Park Farm, Bardsea; Subjects: History: History of Conishead Priory, Bardsea, Ulverston; items: 3 Compact Cassette Collection name: Ellen Rose Fieldhouse Collection; Subjects: Oral History; Language and Dialect: Local folk traditions, cultural life, recipes, dialect, plays and poems.; items: 5 Open Reel Tape, 5 Compact Cassette Collection name: Walter Greenhalgh of Broughton in Furness; Subjects: Oral history: History of Broughton in Furness; items: 4 Compact Cassette Collection name: Lowick School; Subjects: Popular music; documentary: Song recorded by Rob Ellis and the children for the campaign to save the school; documentary about the school on DVD; poems written by the children; items: 3 Compact Cassette, 2 published CD Collection name: Walter Monslow, MP for Barrow-in-Furness; Subjects: Speeches: Speeches made during the 1951 General Election campaign by Walter Monslow, Clement Atlee; Speeches made at CND meetings and rallies in barrow-in-Furness 1984-1985 including Brue kent, Captain James Bush (USA), Joan Ruddock, Michael Foot MP, Japanese speakers from Hiroshima; items: 4 Shellac Disc, 5 Vinyl Disc, 3 Compact Cassette Collection name: Vickerstown School Action Group, Barrow-in-Furness; Subjects: History: A portrait of Vickerstown ; items: 1 Compact Cassette Collection name: Willie Horne of Barrow -in-Furness, Rugby League player; Subjects: Interviews: Interviews conducted by Mike gardner for his biography of Willie Horne, Barrow RLFC, winner of 1955 Challenge Cup and played for England; items: 34 Digital Audio Files


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