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Elphinstone Institute
MacRobert Building, King's College, University of Aberdeen
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Collection name: Elphinstone Institute Arcvhies; Subjects: Oral History; World, Folk & Traditional Music; Language & Dialect: The Elphinstone Institute Archives hold audio, film, and photographic materials related to the vernacular culture of North-East Scotland. Most holdings are unique field recordings made by Elphinstone Institute staff, project workers, and students over the past twenty years. The items are not separated into collections, but topics include, among other things, music (e.g. sacred singing; fiddle; free-reed; unaccompanied singing), narratives (e.g. storytelling; life histories; immigrant experience), calendar customs (e.g. fire festivals; temperance walks), and occupational folklore (e.g. fishing; whisky; farming); items: 30 Shellac Disc, 20 Open Reel Tape, 10 Compact Cassette, 900 DAT, 80 MiniDisc, 500 Digital Audio Files, 150 Digital Video cassettes. 20 digital video files (this will grow quickly);. 3500 digital photos;. 30 scans/text files.


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