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Collection name: Oral History Collection. Subjects: Oral History: MJM holds 716 recordings in its sound collection. The collection date from the 1970s and collecting continues today. MJM’s collection contains interviews with first, second and third generation Jewish immigrants and provides unique anecdotal evidence of the mass migration of Eastern European Jews in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the arrival of Jews from Central Europe and Sephardi Jews from the Mediterranean coastland. The recordings demonstrate the effects that life in Manchester had on a newly arrived community and include views on marriage, religion, kashrut, health, home life, social life, politics and Zionism. Later interviews record the experiences of 1930s Jewish refugees from Nazism and Holocaust survivors who came to Manchester post 1945. Recent additions to the collection have included interviews with influential members of Manchester's Jewish Community. The original collection was held on reel to reel. These tapes have since been transferred to cassette tape and the collection is currently being digitised. Most tapes have written summaries to accompany the recording. 365 Reel to Reel Recordings. 39 are the only copy and the remaining 326 are duplicated in the Cassette Tape Collection. The duplicated are held on our behalf by Manchester Archives +. Breakdown: 677 Cassette Tape Interviews (326 are duplicated of Reel to Reel). We have digitised 194 of the recordings which are held as digital files and have been transferred to CD for researcher use. Most of these are duplicates of the Cassette Tape Collection but some are new accessions. ; items: 365 Open Reel Tape, 677 Compact Cassette, 194 Audio CD-R


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