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Collection name: Sound Library, Nocturnal Primate Research Group (NPRG); Subjects: Wildlife & Natural Sounds: The Nocturnal Primate Research Group at Oxford Brookes University has a very large sound library of animals recorded mostly at night and in Africa, but including calls from elsewhere. We have been in the process of digitising the entire collection and have completed most of it, except for some 30 reel-to-reel tapes. The size of the library is over 300 hours. I have been recording systematically at night since 1970 and I was joined in the 80's by Tom Butynski, Lesley Ambrose, Paul Honess, Tom Butynski and Andrew Perkin to form the basis of the NPRG. Since then, others have joined us and we have their collections in most cases. We can identify most nocturnal mammals from 20 African countries but we also have recordings of birds and insects which we cannot identify - see Our aim is to record all call types made by each species and to collect large samples of each call type to enable later analysis of call repertoires and repertoire differences.; items: 40 Open Reel Tape, 200 Compact Cassette, 45 DAT, 30 MiniDisc, 300 Digital Audio Files


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