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Collection name: Beighton Heritage Project; Subjects: Oral History: Discover Beighton, oral history project and part of the wider Full Circle Project run in the village of Beighton, South Yorkshire; items: 11 MiniDisc. Collection name: Trading Histories Castle Market; Subjects: Oral History: Project documenting the history of Sheffield's Castle Market on Waingate prior to closure and relocation to a new site; items: 2 Compact Cassette. Collection name: South Yorkshire Women's Development Trust; Subjects: Oral History: South Yorkshire Women's Development Trust awarded funding for oral history project entitled South Yorkshire Women in Industry to research and archive the experiences of women working in industry over the past 100 years; items: 17 published CD. Collection name: Manor Estate; Subjects: Oral History: Oral history interviews conducted by Tony Tingle, Community Development worker on the Manor Estate; items: 17 Compact Cassette,


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