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Collection name: Roland Henry Collins Papers; Subjects: Classical Music: Recordings of concerts at Harold Malley School, Solihull 1962-1970; items: 6 Compact Cassette, 6 Audio CD-R. Collection name: Solihull Audio Collection; Subjects: Classical Music; World, Folk & Traditional Music; Popular Music & Jazz: Published recordings by musicians with a Solihull connection; items: Lacquer Disc,17 Vinyl Disc, 3 Compact Cassette, 18 published CD. Collection name: Solihull Borough Talking Newspaper; Subjects: Documentary & News: A talking magazine for people with a visual impairment; items: 52 Compact Cassette. Collection name: Recollections of Solihull; Subjects: Oral History: Recordings of reminiscences of Solihull; items: 14 Compact Cassette. Collection name: Solihull Local History Circle Recordings; Subjects: Oral History: Recordings of reminiscences of Solihull village; items: 4 Compact Cassette, 6 Audio CD-R,


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