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Collection name: A L Loyd Collection. Subjects: World, Folk & Traditional Music: Albert Lancaster (Bert) Lloyd (1908-1982) was a well-known folklorist, left-winger, writer, broadcaster and performer. Like many intellectuals of his time he was a member of the Communist Party and remained as such for many years. Tapes in the collection are copies of the material house at the British Library (REF: C200. Title: A.L. Lloyd Collection ) . ; items: 25 Open Reel Tape. Collection name: Centre for Russian Music . Subjects: Classical Music : This collection was started in 1997 with a considerable donation from the State Museum for Musical Culture in Moscow (The Glinka Museum), and a private collection from Mrs Valeria Blok, the widow of a well-known Prokofiev scholar and a composer, Vladimir Blok. Other materials followed from a variety of Moscow-based institutions including the State Institute for Research in the Arts, the publisher Kompozitor and the Library of the Russian Composers' League. ; items: 200 Compact Cassette, 300 published CD. Collection name: Centre for Russian Music : McBurney Collection . Subjects: Classical Music; Oral History; World, Folk & Traditional Music: Material papers, books and recordings donated by Gerard McBurney , a great expert on Russian music, who is now based in Chicago working for the Chicago SO. 10 boxes of cassette tapes, mostly donated by composers in the USSR, but also including taped interviews (nearly all unpublished), folk music etc. Audio tape from a Barrie Gavin film project; items: 50 Vinyl Disc, 50 Open Reel Tape. Collection name: Centre for Russian Music: Roche. Subjects: Classical Music: Classical Russian Music; items: 100 Vinyl Disc, 100 Compact Cassette. Collection name: Daphne Oram Archive . Subjects: Experimental/Electronic music : Daphne Oram (December 31, 1925 - January 5, 2003), was a pioneering British composer and electronic musician. She was the creator of the "Oramics" system, a technique used to create electronic sounds. items: 10 Vinyl Disc, 500 Open Reel Tape. Collection name: Kenneth Gourlay Collection . Subjects: World, Folk & Traditional Music: The archive includes field recordings, papers, drafts of articles, notebooks, index cards and some published articles from Kenneth A. Gourlay's ethnomusicological research on the musical cultures of the Karamojong of Uganda, in Nigeria and in Papua New Guinea. ; items: 64 Open Reel Tape, 7 Compact Cassette. Collection name: London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT) . Subjects: Drama & Literature: Materials relate to the organisation and running of LIFT festivals and other events from 1981-2001 and include material about the companies that performed. ; items: 15 Vinyl Disc, 100 Compact Cassette, 5 MiniDisc, 15 Audio CD-R. "Collection name: Women's Revolutions Per Minute (WRPM) Archive . Subjects: Popular Music & Jazz; World, Folk & Traditional Music : Women's Revolutions Per Minute (WRPM) was set up in 1977 as part of the Women's Art Collective in London promoting festivals of music by women as part of the Women's Liberation Movement. From 1979-1999 Caroline Hutton developed WRPM as a sole trader and distribution enterprise based in Birmingham. WRPM distributed radical and feminist titles into independent and mainstream music stores, bookshops and colleges as well as developing direct sales through mail order, women's music festivals and events, peace festivals and conferences. 100 Vinyl Disc, 100 Compact Cassette, 400 published CD.


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